Fabri-Valve C132

Fabri-Valve C132 Transmitter Isolation Valve

Fabri-Valve Figure C132 transmitter isolation valve is designed specifically to isolate an instrument transmitter from a tank. This allows transmitter replacement or maintenance of the transmitter without disrupting the process or draining the vessel. A special tank side flange permits blind boltup from the tank exterior. This is accomplished by moving the upper flange holes outboard. They remain on the ANSI 125/150 bolt circle but are now located closer to the horizontal centerline.

Fabri-Valve transmitter isolation valves are designed to fit installations where the upper tank flange bolts are located 25° to 27° above the horizontal centerline. The transmitter side flange bolting is a standard ANSI 125/150 configuration. The Fabri-Valve transmitter isolation valve is available in two configurations; the C132R features the Fabri-Valve solid cast stainless steel body with heavy duty cast ductile iron yoke and packing follower. The C132S features a solid cast stainless steel body with heavy duty cast stainless steel yoke, and packing follower, and all stainless steel bolting. Standard body materials are 316 and 317L stainless steel. Special materials such as 254 SMO® are also available.