Fabri-Valve F11

Fabri-Valve F11 Tilting Disc Check Valve

Fabri-Valve Figure F11 tilting disc check valve offers an economical alternative to cast alloy check valves. Standard valves have 304, 316 or 317L wetted surfaces. Any weldable alloy can be used. Material can be selected by component to minimize the use of expensive alloys where not essential. For example, interior surfaces and the flange raised faces could be alloy 20, and the flanges and exterior reinforcements could be 304SS or even carbon steel. The Fabri-Valve Figure F11 uses a unique cartridge type design. The valve is made up of two pieces, the cartridge and the spool. Together they equal the ANSI laying length. The cartridge contains the check mechanism while the spool provides the ANSI laying length. While many fabricated swing check valves are made in two pieces, others use a diagonally split body. The standard flange arrangement used on the Figure F11 eliminates misalignment and odd shaped gaskets. It also permits the use of just the cartridge where space is limited. The Fabri-Valve Figure F11 is a “packingless” design, thereby eliminating periodic packing adjustments. This valve is for installation in horizontal pipelines only.