Fabri-Valve F44

Fabri-Valve F44 Multi-Port Knife Gate Valve

Fabri-Valve Figure F44 Siamese knife gate valve replaces two standard knife gate valves and a pipe “Y”. By utilizing a single fabrication, the gates can be placed so they meet right at the intersection of the “Y”. This arrangement minimizes the dead leg that occurs in a conventional two valve arrangement as a result of the valves being located several inches from the junction of the pipes.

Fabri-Valve F44, Siamese knife gate valves are available in “Y” and lateral configurations. The angle between the legs and the actuator orientation can be varied to suit specific application needs. The typical Figure F44 has one inlet with two, three or more outlets. However, the figure F44 design platform is extremely flexible; therefore, designs including single or multiple inlets with single or multiple outlets can easily be manufactured.